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Terms & Conditions

Figs trees are of course living things and while I can protect them here I can't once they are on the way and at the mercy of the USPS.  99/100 things go fine and the plants are received as shipped or mostly :) but on occasion there is a mishap along the way.  If you receive a plant that has been damaged please contact me with a picture of the plant.  In all the years I have shipped I believe there has only ever been one plant that arrived DOA and that was due to an over zealous postal carrier jamming it in to a mailbox that was in full sun and the poor plant cooked.   All plants are sent with tracking and sent Priority.   I mail plants only on Monday and Tuesday of each week. 

Fig cuttings are generally easy to root and grow but given the multitude of rooting techniques and care I can only guarantee that the cuttings left here freshly cut.  I am though always available for advice both via email or on the Forum (WillsC).  Everyone that messages me will get a reply.